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Issue of Equity

03 April, 2020 17:24:13 | By Smithson

Net Asset Value(s)

03 April, 2020 10:53:30 | By Smithson

Issue of Equity

02 April, 2020 17:59:15 | By Smithson

Net Asset Value(s)

02 April, 2020 10:40:04 | By Smithson

Total Voting Rights

01 April, 2020 18:22:19 | By Smithson

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Smithson Investment Trust: Early signs suggest long-term success

29 October, 2019 | By Miles Costello

Never one to care much what the rest of the world thinks of him, Terry Smith has contentedly ploughed his own furrow since setting up his own investment management firm nine years ago. With a distinctive, selective, long-term investment style, Fundsmith made its name with the unlisted £18 billion Equity Fund, which was launched in 2010.

Shares - Smithson lives up to the hype as the Fundsmith trust turns one

10 October, 2019 | By Daniel Coatsworth

A year ago Smithson became the largest ever investment trust launch, raising £822.5m to invest in quality small to mid-cap companies. Investors lapped up the shares in the hope they would deliver similar success to its sister fund, Fundsmith Equity. Their faith has been rewarded with Smithson having achieved 18.8% return...

Morningstar - Smithson Investment Outperforms Benchmark In Improving Market

13 August, 2019 | By Morningstar

Smithson Investment Trust PLC said Tuesday it outperformed its comparative index for the period from its London listing on October 19 last year to the end of June, amid improved market conditions.

What Terry Smith is saying

Money Observer - Fundsmith’s Terry Smith: forecasters are like Michael Fish

03 January, 2019 | By Terry Smith

Tumult, turbulence and turmoil are just the words beginning with the letter T used by commentators to describe the behaviour of stock markets in October. I think it’s always good to look at the definition of the words we are being asked to accept. For example: turmoil, noun: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty . synonyms: confusion, upheaval(s), turbulence, tumult, disorder.

Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment: Do equities outperform bonds?

07 November, 2018 | By Terry Smith

As an equity fund manager, questioning the investment myth that equities outperform bonds is the equivalent of coprolalia, an occasional characteristic of Tourette’s syndrome in which the sufferer involuntarily utters socially inappropriate remarks.

Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment: who needs income?

03 October, 2018 | By Terry Smith

There seems to be something so alluring about dividend income that it often seems to lead investors to abandon common sense or be encouraged to do so by the investment industry. For example, how many times have you heard it said that the majority of returns from investment in equities comes from reinvestment of the dividends?


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